Circle of Excellence Awards

Leadership Asheville Forum annually recognizes a genuinely outstanding leader in Asheville/Buncombe County, including but not limited to graduates of Leadership Asheville or Leadership Asheville Seniors community leadership programs. The Circle of Excellence Committee is comprised of members of the Leadership Asheville Forum board, who are not eligible to submit or receive Circle of Excellence nominations and are expected to excuse themselves if there is a conflict of interest involving a Circle of Excellence Award nominee.

Past Recipients

  • John Ellis

  • Oralene Simmons

  • Deborah Miles

  • Dr. Gordon Grant

  • Susan Roderick

  • Dr. David G. Brown

  • Laurey Masterton

  • Sean O’Connell

  • Denise Snodgrass

  • David Bennert

  • Cissie Stevens

Selection Criteria:

  • Accomplishments for which graduate is being nominated have occurred at least within the last five years and within Buncombe County;

  • Nominee demonstrated leadership ability that addresses critical needs of our diverse community, while fostering the abilities of others;

  • Nominee has contributed to new or existing program(s) which have had, or are having a demonstrable impact on our community;

  • Nominee’s contribution to the community is clearly beyond the scope of her/his employment responsibilities.

The recipient will receive an individual Circle of Excellence Award and a donation of $500 will be contributed to the charitable organization of the recipient’s choice in honor of the recipient.

Click HERE for a nomination form. The form can be filled out online by clicking below each item for a box to be filled out.  It is three pages long.  Nomination forms submission date is May 1.  The Circle of Excellence Award will be presented to the recipient at a date to be announced.